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Haunted LA: Gourmet Ghosts in the City of Angels

In a city as storied as Los Angeles, ghost tales don’t take long generate buzz. So while spooky myths are aplenty, corroborating reports of spirit sightings and haunted happenings is a different story. That’s exactly what James Bartlett set out to do.

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Quentin Tarantino’s Hollywood: Recreating 1960s L.A. for “Once Upon a Time”

The producer, director, and screenwriter may have only been six years old around the Sharon Tate murders of 1969, the year depicted in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but this period in Hollywood’s history is still personal to him.

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The Hidden History of Los Angeles with Robert Petersen

On screen, LA may look all shiny and new (and filled with beautiful, yoga-practicing people sipping green juice). But the city is also filled with rich history just about everywhere you look, from iconic old theaters to architectural masterpieces to centuries-old Spanish missions.

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